How do I know the language before watching the content?

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How do I know the language before watching the content?

Postby Omer Farooq » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:59 pm

I recently started using Popcorn time in order to watch movies and TV shows, and i'm enjoying myself. I've started facing this annoying issue where after I've clicked "Watch it now" and after 5-10 minutes of loading (which is tedious to sit through i might add) the movie/TV show loads in a foreign language e.g Spanish. Now i don't speak Spanish nor do i understand it so my first instinct was to check the pop up box to the right labeled "English" and i quickly got to know that only changes the language of the subtitles and not the audio, so i decided to change peers and in doing so it changed the language of the audio. Now, most TV shows on here have a lot of peers (7-10) and checking each and everyone takes a lot of time as firstly you have to sit through the loading and then finally you get to hear the audio.

The question that i have is, whether there is a way of knowing the language of the audio before having to load the episode/movie?

Hope to get a reply soon :D
Omer Farooq
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